27th December 2017

Bit of a cold start to the day, but I wanted to get out with the dogs.

Brenna & Dexter never seem to mind the weather and once we are outside, neither do I…but I need them to get me going 😉

It started to snow pretty heavy, so we went “off piste”

I headed down to the spot we stopped at last time, but it was a bit too exposed with the snow dinging down

We crossed the wee burn to where I have a wood pile drying out and found a sheltered spot under some trees to have a nice cup of coffee and some Super Noodles!

I don’t often see much wildlife when I’m out as the dogs are usually up front scaring other animals away.

Today, as we were under cover with Brenna & Dexter waiting patiently for their food, we had a visitor that came for a look and got very close.  He was still in the trees as we left, keeping an eye on us.

Took the straight line back to the path, then home.

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