Saturday – 20th January 2018

It was a cold day, but we didn’t have any of the snow that seems to be adversely affecting the rest of Scotland.

I took the dogs out to Fetteresso Forest to try out a couple of things.

1) My new Firebox Nano stove

2) Porridge mix

Both of which I am hoping to try out a few times this year.

The Firebox is going to be my main stove this year as it can be used to burn firewood and a Trangia stove (I don’t have the gas attachment)

I much prefer these methods of cooking as they are quieter than gas!  Although, gas is quicker?

The plan for this year is to base my gear around the Maxpeditition pouch and the Alpkit Pot, that way I don’t even need to take a rucksack in the finer weather, I can make use of my Barbour “man-bag”

Anyway, the first burn on the Firebox didn’t quite work out…but that is why you have a backup ?




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