World Cup 2018

At the beginning of the World Cup 2018, I decided to try betting on every game 2-1 & 1-2

I started with £20 in my Paddy Power account.

Out of the 64 games, 13 games ended the 90 minutes as 2-1 / 1-2

There were 15 games that ended 1-0 / 0-1, but I am not sure of the odds or what the return would have been??

My account ended the World Cup at £33, this is a 55% return…roll on the Euros 🙂

World Cup 2018

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  1. So, it was England that saved you when you were down to your last £3 …. you should do the same for the SPFL Premiership this season, £1 a game, I’d go in on it with you. I’m sure we could rope in Mr. Ross too …

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