No new records tonight!

Nipped into Aberdeen after work to buy a new pair of trainers.

Went to Run4it on Holburn Street after looking online at their shoes.

The staff were ace and I bought a pair of Brooks Launch 4…nothing fancy, but neither is my running 😜





Since we were this close to The Justice Mill, it would be a shame not to stop for our supper!

A few folk in before heading to the football (Aberdeen v Burnley)

The staff were a bit pushed and the place suffered, tables were minging!!

This was our best option!





Got home and had to go out to try out the new shoes.

Carol came along too on her bike, the company while running makes a huge difference…for the better 😉

Although it was later on, it was still very warm and really humid…what is going on, this is Scotland…we don’t do heat!!!

Didn’t exactly burn up the track, but felt reasonably well, so we decided to extend the distance.





When we got to Fetteresso, there were heaps of cars, when we left, they were all standing about having some snacks & drinks…must be some running group?…they certainly look like they have it sussed 👍

My watch seems to give a lot of data, but I’m not sure what most of it means yet!

Two I do understand!




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