Upped the kilometres tonight

We went out tonight and upped the distance a bit.

Managed to keep roughly the same pace and it went surprisingly ok.

It’s all part of the training plan to see if I’m going to register for The Illuminator.

We have been round Fetteresso Forest heaps of time and know the route like the back of our hands…but…one of us still managed to get lost!

I thought we we were going anti-clockwise…Carol went clockwise.

By the time I realised what had happened, I thought just keep going, we will meet up at some point.

Then Brenna & Dexter appeared, so I thought Carol can’t be far behind…so I kept going…

Didn’t meet up with Carol until nearer the car…she had turned back and panicked that the dogs were lost and headed back to the car…then spent the night going back and fore looking for them…not giving a monkies about me though 😍

The run also included a couple of new records!

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