1st run with the rucksack

After the ParkRun this morning I had an option…stay at home and help Carol with the housework…or go out with the dogs…let me think…..?

With The Illuminator hanging over me, I thought it was time to try a longer run with a rucksack on.





I took the dogs to Fetteresso Forest and headed for a road that we have been on before, but not all the way round.





What we found out was…the road doesn’t go all the way round…considering all the loop tracks in Fetteresso, I found one that is a dead-end.

Brenna & Dexter didn’t seem to mind.








Not the quickest run!

There were a few biggish hills, but I thought I would get the benefit of them on the way back…what I didn’t realise was…how hard it is to run down hills on tired legs…reality check & eye opener 🙁




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