It has been a while!

Today started off great!

We nipped in to Aberdeen for breakfast. Decided to try something different, so we went to Bonobo

We both had the fry-up…it was very nice…£9.50…maybe a bit pricey??…but we had nothing more to eat until supper.

Walked it off a bit and stopped for a coffee in SO!

A bit of a random next move…we looked a new cars! That didn’t last long as we couldn’t find another Doblo 🙂

When we got home, I went out on my new bike again. Last year it was running…this year it’s cycling. Not really built for either, but the knees prefer the bike! #fatand50

Voodoo Nakisi

First trip of the day was a wee spin to suss out a new road. It wasn’t very far.

As it was so short, I nipped home to pick up my mobile…but the battery was very low.

Took off in the direction of Portlethen, via Hillside and on to the Banchory-Devenick road. At a crossroads, I saw a sign for Route 1, so I followed it.

After crossing the new AWPR A90 again, I followed another cycle path that runs parallel to the new road in the direction of the Charleston Flyover. The new path is great…so smooth…then after a few hundred yards, it turns in to a dirt track (don’t think it is suitable for a road bike?)

Didn’t see any more signs…apart from one that told walkers to keep dogs on leads…so I followed that path. The path leads up to an old derelict house, with heaps of scrap cars, an old wrecked caravan and a few portacabins…a real mess.

There was a slight path off to the right, so I took it…BIG mistake…it went nowhere…and I just got deeper and deeper in to trouble!

I say the Boswell Monument…so I straight-lined it…another big mistake! Couldn’t take a picture or check the map as my phoned had died.

I had to scramble over dry-stone dykes, wade through bogs (fell in!), jump barbed wire fences, carry my bike through the gorse (cracked my shins) and skirted heaps of fields (worried in case there was a bull in them as I was wearing my bright red jacket!…olé)

After AGES…I finally saw a road…by this time I was so fed up, I again decided to straight-line it…again more bogs (almost lost a shoe)

I don’t think I have ever been so glad to find a tarmacked road!!!

Cycled home as fast as I could…but by this time it wasn’t very fast 🙂

Thank goodness I packed some food this trip.

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