Glenmark – (May 2017)

This was my first wild camping trip of the year.

Over the winter, I had bought a few new bits of kit and this trip was just an overnighter to test them out.

(I have plans for later in the year)


My biggest purchase of the year was the tent.

After a lot of research and watching a heap of YouTube videos, I picked the Hex Peak V4A from Backpacking Light.

Their service was excellent.

The plan was to leave work sharp on Friday night, nip home to pick up my rucksack and Brenna, one of our Springer Spaniels.

The bag was all packed the night before.


I arrived at the Glenmark car park around 5.30pm, walked the five-ish miles to my spot and pitched up.

(Carol and I walked around this area a few weeks before to look for suitable places to pitch a tent)

It was a misty dreich nighty.  My only problem when I got there was to settle on a pitch, there are heaps of places.

I finally picked a spot and went about setting up the tent for the very first time.  I read it was tricky…and it was a bit!


It was about 9.00pm before I settled down for some food, having fed Brenna first.


The mist drew in, so we just settled down for the night, as this was Brenna’s first night in a tent she was a bit jittery.

The night was going ok until three other folk appeared from nowhere, they pitched a good way away from us, but after Brenna saw their head torches in the fog she growled for ages!!

I ended up having to take her in the inner nest with me.

Had a cracking nights sleep.

Packed up early and headed home, it was still a bit misty but not too bad.


Still getting used to recording my trips, but here is the YouTube video I posted.