May 2018 – Mallorca

Mallorca – May 2018

We are both 50 this year and decided to slow down the pace of our holidays a bit…for a change.

Having looked at some different options for a “relaxing” break, we chose to book a secluded villa with its own pool on the island of Mallorca.

This was all booked through TUI.

Included in the package were return flights from Aberdeen and a hire car.

Saturday 19th

We left Aberdeen on the 6.50am flight direct to Palma.

The flight was busy, but no problem…apart from the constant cabin crew announcements trying to flog duty-free.

This included several calls to buy champagne, “double up your order, it’s a busy flight we won’t be round again!”…who drinks at 7.00am?  With recent mid-air drink fuelled incidents being highlighted in the news, you would think the airlines would be less focused on alcohol profits during flights?

We landed in Palma airport at 10.50am.

No real issues picking up the hire car.

We were given a Seat Ibiza and told to check it over before driving off, this was very hard as the garage is not very well lit. Well, where you collect it isn’t very well lit (we ended up using the torch on a mobile phone to inspect the car) – however, the drop off point where THEY inspect the car…..alarmingly well lit. Be warned.

Our entry time for the villa was 4.00pm, so we just drove around the area, found a Lidl’s in Pollenca, bought supplies then parked up beside the sea and had lunch.

The villa itself was midway between Alcudia and Port de Pollenca, just off the Ma-2220

We turned off the main road on to the Ma-2202 and followed signs to Pollenca.

The villa is less than a mile up this road…which is far enough, it is very narrow and the drops at the side of the road are severe!

The villa is secluded with enclosed grounds, ace.

The pool is just the right size.


The villa was a bit dark on the inside, but we didn’t plan on staying inside for long.

Around 5.00pm we tried the pool for the first time, it was a bit chilly to start with, but great once you got swimming. It didn’t take us long to work out swim-wear wasn’t required!!





After a long day, an early night was called for.

Sunday 20th

Had a bit of a long lie.  Then breakfast outside on the porch.

Obviously we forgot a few things, so we decided to nip to the Lidl’s in Alcudia for more supplies…that place was manic…the carpark was crazy, the people in the shop were running around like headless chickens completely oblivious of others…it was an …..experience.

Back to the villa for a swim and a spot of sun-bathing…bliss

Monday 21st

We were woken around 7.00am by a passing storm.

Thunder, lightning and torrential rain.

It lasted about 20 minutes, then the birds burst back into song.

We heard the thunder rumble on in the distance for a good while afterwards.

Drove to Port de Pollenca and walked along the sea front…it was lovely.





Back to the villa for a swim…via Lidl’s again, mainly to buy some water as the water in the villa isn’t very palatable…tastes very salty?

Although it wasn’t the warmest evening, we had to go for a swim again 🙂

Supper outside, then in to try the TV before bed…it took us a few minutes to get it going…but it was only after we discovered that there was only one set of batteries between two remote controls!!

Tuesday 22nd

Lazy day just sitting around the villa.

In the late afternoon we decided to tick off one of the “must dos” when in Mallorca.

We drove to Cap de Formentor.

The road was seriously precarious and for the end result…..all a bit of a waste of time.








We didn’t hang around at the lighthouse as it was a nightmare to park or even turn the car.

Back to the villa for a swim.

Wednesday 23rd

Spent the morning relaxing and swimming

Around 3pm a woman appeared with clean towels.

This was a total shock as we weren’t expecting a visit…just as well she wasn’t 15 minutes earlier or she would have caught us starkers in the pool!

She did some weeding, watered the grass and plants and left.





After supper, we drove to Pollenca








Then on to Alcudia





Thursday 24th

Drove to Soller, really struggled to find a parking space.  Spanish old towns aren’t really geared up for cars, so it’s worth being aware that normal practice is to find a roadside spot on the way in o the town, park your car and then just walk in.

Once there we wandered around, found the train station. We then caught the wooden train to Port de Soller.

Lovely place – stunning.





Carol dropped off her “Wick Rocks” Stone at the harbour.





We then had some lunch at the Restaurant Mar y Sol.

Both had pizzas, both were excellent.





We caught the tram back (€7 each return)

Then had a hike to get back to where we dropped the car.


Friday 25th

Another day spent around the villa.


Carol went for a shower, I went for a swim.

We did some laundry.

Supper outside, then I went for another swim.

While I was in there, the woman appeared again with towels and bedding!!

Almost got caught again in the bare arse!

We heard a Seaplane taking off and landing in the distance.

Saturday 26th

Took a trip to the Camper shop in Inca, no real bargains.

Carried on to Valldemossa, lovely little town.















Had a coffee, then bought a few gifts.

Back to the villa, watched the Champions League final, Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1…keeper had a howler!!

Sunday 27th

Went to the Sunday market in Pollenca


Lots of wee stalls.

Carol bought a necklace and got a few more as gifts.

Had a nice coffee in Hotel 1907












Back at the villa that night…..blocked loo!

It wouldn’t clear and the waste water started coming up through the shower plug!

Blocked toilet

We got the in touch with the TUI rep, who in turn passed it on to the villa owner.

That meant we would have a night without toilet/ shower…and it smelled a bit!

Bearing in mind that it was 11pm, Carol logged on to and rented an apartment room at Ferrer Tamarindos Apartamentos. In Port D’Alcudia, 15 minutes away.

It cost us €48.30 for the night…it was lovely.

The guy checking us in was obviously not expecting us, or actually knew how to book us in…he was a nightmare, very rude and out of his depth, but we eventually got checked-in ok.

Monday 28th

Had a great sleep, the shower was ace, stayed in the room until 11.30am.

Carol had packed fruit juice, milk and cornflakes before we bailed the previous night.

Dumped the bags in the car and went for a walk along the beach.

Cloudy day again, but great for walking about in.

Came back to the villa about 1pm, the blockage had been cleared and the pool cleaned out.

At 3.30pm the woman came back again, put on the sprinklers and took our rubbish away.

Tuesday 29th

We drove to Soller to catch the old train to Palma.

The train was very quaint.





Palma was buzzing and looked like a good place to stay for a break?








Had lunch at Saint Ambros Ristorante

The street musicians were annoying and visited every table within earshot after their set in full expectation that trapped diners would offer them money for their efforts.  Not me!





Got back about 5.30pm and had a swim.

Wednesday 30th

Drove to Caves Drach in Porto Cristo

Great to travel and see the countryside, which is stunning – however, the hype of the caves via tourist bumph etc was not lived up to.  Nowhere close in fact.








Stopped off in Arta for lunch…a bit of a non-place and the café we ate in (La Mar de Vins) was really not up to the usual standard of most places we have encountered during our holiday in Mallorca.









Thursday 31st

Villa day.

For supper we went to Bellaverde, a renowned vegetarian restaurant in Port de Pollenca, it was lovely and the meal we each chose was outstanding.  Carol tried seitan (pronounced satan!) for the first time and loved it!





Had a nice stroll along the beach.

Friday 1st June

Villa day.

Did some laundry

Packed our bags, ready for leaving tomorrow.

Saturday 2nd

There had been no indication on our booking documents about our check-out time at the villa.

However, as we had had to return the hire care by 11.20, we worked out our times from there.

We had planned to leave at 10am, but we were up sharp and ready to go by 9.15am…just as well we were as the cleaning team drove into the villa just as we were locking the front door!

No problem returning the car, or checking in our luggage, but it left a very long wait before our 19.45 flight home!

I’d worried about this the day before, realising Carol would have a face like a melted welly at the prospect of returning to work, never mind a 9 hour wait at the airport.

So – with the foresight, wit and planning skills of a UN peacekeeper, I’d booked us both into the VIP Lounge.

Mrs M was delighted – mission accomplished 🙂

At 15.45 we went in to the Valldemossa airport lounge, our first time in a lounge and it was a very welcome change; comfortable couches, tv, free food and drink – bliss!

We went to the gate for boarding, only to find the flight was delayed by almost an hour…but everybody was very chilled out about it all.  We finally boarded the plane and arrived back in Aberdeen a few hours later with a bump – literally.

Home around 23.00.

Holiday over.

Our view on Mallorca – It’s not what you think.

Breathtakingly beautiful; a playground for the fitness fanatics and a perfect place to relax, unwind and explore. Would we go back – that would be a big fat YES!