Fetteresso – 15th July 2018

Sunday morning walk.

Took the dogs to one of our usual places, very hot day, which meant that the flies were out in force.  But not to worry as I never leave the house at this time of the year without my head-net…it’s worth its weight in gold!

Packed a few extras this time, just to make the stop a bit more comfortable.  Table, chair, radio…Bliss

Of the three pieces of square sausage and two buns…Brenna & Dexter got the lions share 🙂  But the coffee was all mine.

Home in time to wash the dogs and watch the World Cup Final…France v’s Croatia.

Sausage cooked
Sausage in the pan
Cracking rucksack
Waiting patiently for some food
Leave no trace
It wasn’t me!
Home for a bath
Guess who found some muddy puddles
Fetteresso Forest
No rush