Feb 2013 – Amsterdam

Day 1

We are booked on the 8.55am KLM flight to Amsterdam.

We sat up the back of the plane, beside a heap of lads off for a stag-do…they were rowdy but no real hassle.

When you land in Schiphol, the train station is right there, so we caught the train to Amsterdam Central Station.

We bought a 72 hour tram pass…then proceeded to catch the wrong tram!!  I had all the info saved on my Nexus, but couldn’t get a signal!!  I tried to remember the number of the tram…we caught the 25…should have been the 5 (oops)

We finally arrived at our Holiday Inn Express (after a good walk)

It was very quite…apart from the air-con in the room.

There was a wee supermarket just across the road, so we bought some supplies, had supper and in bed by 6pm!!!

Day 2

Up at 6am, breakfast at 7am and out of the hotel by 8am.

First stop was Anne Frank’s House.  As we got there so early, we just walked straight in, not the story when we left.

The next stop was the “Hidden Church” – Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer of Solder





This was a cracking place.

After stopping for a drink, Carol got her picture taken with Batman!





On the way bad to the hotel, we had some chips and tried to stay out of the heavy snow.  After picking up some supplies, we headed back to the room.

Day 3

Up early again, washed, fed and out by 8am

Today we headed for the Van Gogh Exhibition, this is temporarily being housed in the Amsterdam Hermitage

We bought our tickets from their main office, then followed the “Red Rope” through the Van Gogh Mile, cracking walk around the Amstel area.

We took the audio guided tour…it was amazing!

For lunch we stopped off at the De Vergulde Lantaarn

Another early night

Day 4

Up early again for our usual routine.

We took the tram back to the Central Station, then the train to airport.  After checking in, we dropped off our bags (before we decided to travel with hand luggage only) and it was only 9.30am 🙂

We headed back into Amsterdam, had a coffee in the Park Plaza Victoria Hotel.

It was freezing, so we stopped off for lunch at Café Brasserie Heffer.

After wandering around a bit more, we had another coffee, just to get out of the snow…this time it was in Café In De Waag, what a lovely place!

We had way too much time to wait for our flight back (got home at 11pm), from now on we will fly home in the afternoon!