Feb 2014 – Nairn

Had a weekend away at the Newton Hotel in Nairn…it was pet friendly.

Day 1

Nice old hotel, after walking Brenna, she stayed in her cage no bother and we nipped down for a pint…only one!

During the first night, Brenna didn’t settle very well, I ended up taking her out for a walk at 2am.

Day 2

We went down for breakfast at 9am (after walking Brenna), for a full cooked breakfast…it was lovely!

After walking down through Nairn Golf Club, along the beach ad up to the Marina, crossed at the harbour inlet, then further along the beach.  We doubled back and walked through the Lochloy Caravan Park, stopping for a cuppa at the side of the harbour.

After supper, I took Brenna down to the beach and walked for ages…she slept better tonight 🙂

Day 3

After the morning walk and breakfast, we drove to Grantown-on-Spey.  Walked in the woods for ages.  Carol bought a couple of paninis for lunch.

After supper, we walked through the Golf Course again…it was raining, but it was ace.

During the night, the hotel fire alarm went off at 3am…but only for a few seconds.

Day 4

The same morning routine.

Then a steady drive home.