Oct 2015 – Budapest

Day 1

I stayed up all night, just in case.  We left for the airport at 3am, when we got there a guy told us that the Long Stay carpark was full and gave us a ticket to park at the Short Stay carpark.  No problem checking in.

The flight to Budapeast included a couple of stops.  The first one was in Frankfurt, we had to leg-it to catch the connecting flight to Munich, then from Munich to Budapest.  All the flights were very short, it’s just a pity there was three of them!

When we arrived in Budapest, we were surprised to find out that our bags turned up too!!!

We caught the 200E bus from the airport to the Metro Station, then the M3 tram to the centre of Budapest.  Then just walked to the hotel.  We were Staying at the Gold Hotel.

After a long day we just stayed in the hotel for supper.

Carol had a massive pizza and a cream desert, I had tagliatelle and profiteroles ad shared a bottle of Rose wine…all for £27.50 and it was ACE!!  Great end to a long day.

Day 2

Up sharp, breakfast and out of the hotel by 8am.

Took the bus in the centre of Budapest and walked around for miles.  After some shopping we walked some more and visited the Parliament Buildings.

Stopped in a pub to write some postcards.  Then another one for some coffee/cake.

Day 3

Up and out early again.

We walked to the Castle area up the hill in Buda.  Went into the Fisherman’s Bastion…not worth it.  Then the Matthias Church…that was nice.  Walked back down the hill via the Royal Palace, where we had an original Transylvanian Funnel Cake.

Day 4

Went to the Gellert Baths.  The place is huge and ace…we were there for over four hours.

In the evening we headed in to town for a drink,  We tried a couple of pubs, including a “ruin pub”  We settled in a place called the Yellow Zebra Bar.  There was a notice on the table, but we didn’t understand it…turned out it was as “reserved” sign!!  The two guys that had the table booked, let us just sit there.  There were a couple of guys playing Blues music?

We missed the last bus home and just walked back to the hotel…late at night, after a few drinks, we felt perfectly safe walking back to the hotel…in the pouring rain.

Day 5

Felt a bit rough all day!

We went to the Terror Museum…scary place!

After that we went to the Book Café Lotz Hall for lunch…this place is stunning!!

Then we went to the New York Café…what a crap place “fur coat and no knockers”

We stayed at the hotel for supper again.

Day 6

Late-ish breakfast today.

Took the Metro to Heroes Square.  Then we visited St. Stephen’s Basilica.  Afterwards we went on the Buda-eye.

It was pouring rain for most of the day!

Day 7

Travelled home today.  Took way too long again.

The Short Stay carpark would have cost us £182!!!